Best Brand Rep Programs: 2015 - 2016

This website is devoted to maintaining a list of the best campus brand ambassador opportunities on the market for college students. Campus ambassadors are also commonly called "Brand Representatives," "Brand Managers," and "Campus Representatives." We try our best to keep this list up to date with all the top campus rep jobs you can apply for! Please note that this site is still going under massive restructuring to bring you a better browsing experience. As well as more opportunities and overviews.

What Are Campus Rep Programs?

Campus representatives are college students who are also known by other titles such as “brand ambassadors”, “brand managers”, or “brand representatives”. They are hired by various companies in order to help publicize products and services through various types of campus rep programs which involve hosting workshops, throwing promotional events, and giving away free merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, sunglasses, koozies, and stickers.

Why Should I Consider Getting A Campus Rep Job?

You should consider acquiring a Campus Rep job for the following reasons:

1. Potential to Make Extra Money. If the position offers a paycheck, then you will be paid at the end of the college semester or be paid hourly. The pay does vary based on the company and the opportunity. Generally, any campus rep program that really tracks the amount of work or impact you have pays more. Some companies don't really track what you do, or the impact that you have, and they generally only pay a fixed amount.

2. Flexible Work Schedule. You should consider getting a brand ambassador job because you can set your own schedule. Typically, you might be asked to devote around 10 hours per week, although many program managers may not mind how much time you spend provided that you complete your work on time.

3. Gain Valuable Job Experience. The job experience that you gain from being a brand representative can spruce up your resume, which could lead to a better position in the future either at the company you represent or at another organization. In addition, you will learn all about social media, event planning, public speaking, and many other valuable skills. So, there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by becoming a campus rep. Likewise, you might even qualify for an internship with another company. And best of all, the jobs are fun and have a low stress factor.

4. Networking Opportunities. Another great benefit to becoming a brand manager is all of the networking opportunities that can come your way. You are very likely to meet other students from your own campus as well as those who go to other colleges. So, there is a great chance that you could meet someone who will be able to open the door in order to help you find a great job for the future. In addition, it is a great way to develop some long-time friends and colleagues.

5. Awesome Perks. Although some companies do not provide a paycheck, they will offer some great perks such as store credits and free merchandise just for promoting their company brands.

How Can I Find A Campus Rep Position?

Sometimes you may be offered a job by simply creating a profile on a job listing or internship website. RepNation occasionally offers rep jobs for companies such as Coca-Cola, Adobe, and Spotify. In addition, Crowdtap is a good site to share your insight with companies which may occasionally land you a job as a brand ambassador. Moreover, if there is a particular company that you absolutely love, you can apply to that company directly in order to see if it has a campus rep program available.

What Traits Will I Need In Order To Be Successful?

You should possess the following knowledge, skills, and abilities in order to be effective as a campus rep:

1. Great Communication & Personality. You are the “face” of the products you sell. So, you need to have the ability to effectively communicate with consumers about all of the products you offer as well as thoroughly answer their questions and concerns. Customers must be able to relate to you because you are personable, honest, and can tell them exactly how the product or service will benefit them and why they should purchase it.


2.  In-Depth Knowledge and Love of the Product.  If you are going to sell a product, then you need to love the product that you are selling.  If you don't like the product, then why would anyone want to buy it from you?  Use the product, truly believe in it, and be sure to know absolutely everything about it.  You need to know all the different types, accessories, what it does, where to purchase it, the cost, etc.


3.  Effective Marketing/Advertising Abilities.  Marketing a product is the key to selling the product.  You have to be able to convince customers that they simply cannot live without the product or service that you are selling.  You must find a way to saturate your area with details about your product and why it is so wonderful when compared to all of the other gadgets on the market.  In addition, you will need to have several word-of mouth referrals and a good knowledge base and online presence in order to use social media and digital marketing.


4.  Professionalism and Leadership Skills.  You need to represent the company in a professional and courteous manner.  This means you should be positive and be confident in the product that you are selling. Since you will be the first face that people will see, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.    


5.  Ability to Build Long-Lasting Consumer Relationships.  Although one-time sales are nice, repeat customers are much better.  Good ambassadors seek to build deep relationships between their company brand and the customers.


6.  Ability to Provide Important Feedback & Insight.  You are the “eyes” and “ears” when it comes to selling your company product.  You should be able to find creative ways to gather consumer feedback in order to let your company know what your customers love about its product and what improvements are needed or recommended.


Why Are More Companies Starting To Do Campus Rep Programs?

Companies realize that college students spend approximately $420 billion dollars yearly.  So, companies hire brand ambassadors because they know that they are effective.  Students in the 18-24 year old age bracket are the best spokespeople to sell their products since most of their consumers are adolescents.  Wise company marketers know that in order to stay in business and grow a profit margin, they must listen to what consumers want and provide it to them before the
competition gains a foothold.  Students have a repertoire with their colleagues because they will listen to those who they trust when they recommend certain products and services. So, in essence, companies know that students will help build brand awareness for their products and increase their profit margins.



How Do Campus Rep Programs Benefit Companies?

Based on statistics provided by NationWide, college students spend approximately $1,200 monthly with 40% of their income being spent on clothes, cosmetics, food, etc.  This is a marketer’s dream because there is a lot of opportunity to capitalize on the adolescent market.  When a company has a good campus rep program and develops a reputation for providing quality products and services, then the sky is the limit.  Campus Rep programs increase profits, sales, enhances the company's reputation, and provides more jobs to employees.  So it is a win-win!  Word-of-mouth advertising is always the best because a company has a better chance of developing a repeat customer base.  In addition, a company can gain valuable information on improving its products and services.  Likewise, when other students like a company's product, they will advertise it for free both online and offline.  In fact, it is highly possible to reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of consumers.  Moreover, the companies are providing a relatively small investment for such great benefit returns. Not to mention that campus rep programs are a great way for companies to find and hire some of the best young minds in the country.


If you are still not convinced regarding the merit of Campus Rep programs, then you should consider speaking with a representative from WayUp.  WayUp is one of the most effective campus rep programs in the United States, which is headquartered in New York.  The company's managers will be the first to tell you about the success of its programs.  In fact, the company has hired around 900 college students because it has found that these brand ambassadors have helped to build over 50% of growth in its company brand.  No matter how you slice it, these statistics are pretty awesome!
Limidax Campus Brand Ambassador Program

Limidax Brand Ambassador

The Limidax Brand Ambassador Program embodies the true spirit of a Brand Ambassador Program. Limidax is a product that is already uniquely catered for college students (Limidax is a natural study pill; helps with focus and concentration). Applying to the program takes about 1 to 3 minutes. Video and textual tutorials walk newly joined ambassadors through action steps. Becoming trained is not too difficult, and money can be earned hours within joining the program. The earning potential is not capped. Other perks include: completely making your own hours (no set commitments), resume opportunities (they even offer exact verbage), and regularly scheduled compensation payouts. We recommend this program for college students who are hard-working and have hustle.

Apple Campus Rep Program

Apple Campus Rep Program

Apple is a globally recognizable brand. The Apple Campus Rep program is very competitive and popular, as expected. Apple looks for students that have the ability to really represent Apple well on campus. They look for the following personality traits: Leadership, Inspiring, Fast Learner, and Hard-worker. Campus reps work directly with the program and account team to set-up programs specific to your campus. Through this campus rep program, you may be paid on a fixed rate or receive some Apple swag. You will spend most of the time planning events and presenting to groups and organizations. Of course, don't think that just getting this rep position will lead to a career at Apple.

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Chipotle Student Brand Ambassador Program

Chipotle Campus Student Brand Manager Program

Chipotle Student Brand Managers are in charge of introducing other college students to Chipotle. If you are selected, you would be in charge of getting people excited and aware about Chipotle on your campus. In this position, social media will play a large role. You will need to create time to have regular talks and receive guidance from a local Chipotle marketing representative via e-mail, phone calls, and the periodic in-person meetings. Furthermore, you must give a commitment of two semesters, so make sure you have time to really dedicate to this program. The pay is $750 paid per semester, for a total of $1500. You will also receive other benefits ...

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Victoria's Secret Pink Nation Campus Reps Program

Victoria's Secret Pink on Campus: Campus Reps Program

Victoria's Secret Pink Campus Reps Program is one of the top programs, and is selective. Currently the program is only in 99 schools, and contains a total of 198 campus reps. The program is currently only accepting female applicants. The girls who are accepted into the program receive training, host PINK parties and events, and score exclusive products and freebies to hand out on their campus.

Flex Watches Campus Rep Program

Flex Watches: Campus Rep Program

Flex Watches are colorful and flexible silicon sport watches that also represent various different causes. The Flex Watches Campus Reps program is created for outgoing students who want to represent the watches on their campus. Students need to be active on Instagram and Facebook for their social outreach missions. Furthermore, it is not required that you be in college to be a rep, although Flex Watches does note that it is preferred. As a Campus Rep, you will have goals to fulfill. In terms of compensation, it is based on referalls you get for sales. Each purchase that you help make, you get compensated and/or receive freebies. You also get a free flex watch when you are accepted.

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CBS Sports Campus Reps Program

CBS Sports: Campus Reps Team

The CBS Sports Network on Campus is also a popular program for college students looking for a more demanding part-time job opportunity. CBS wants their campus reps to use the knoweledge and know-how of their campuses to promote and communicate marketing messages in a langauge and style that their college peers can understand. Campus reps are in charge of creating and following through on strategic marketing plans, promoting activities on campus, using social media, identifying and partnreing with local businesses for promotions, and communicating regularly with Campus Rep manager and other teammates. This program does require a good amount of time commitments. Campus reps do have the ability to earn cash through...

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Adobe College Ambassador Program

Adobe has a program that holds its own against the best. Ambassadors run product training workshops on campus and introduce Adobe’s suite of products to creative and design-oriented students. They also offer free trials of products to campus organizations.

To become an ambassador, you must have a natural talent for creating connections and be able to build a community based on your passion. Adobe ambassadors connect with people both inside and outside Adobe to foster community relations. They also tell the Adobe story from their own viewpoint.

Student reps must be socially active. They must talk to customers on social media, test social sharing apps, participate in company events, enlarge their networks, and most importantly, have fun. They must have a passion for technology, be able to take risks, advocate for customers, and have a knack for telling stories.

College ambassadors receive:
• A letter of recommendation upon completion of program requirements.
• Adobe products and monetary incentives based on performance.
• Free use of Adobe Creative Cloud if the least requirements are retained.
• The opportunity to network with the best minds in the creative world.
• A chance to get a paid summer internship at Adobe’s headquarters.
• The possibility to pursue additional career opportunities with Adobe.

Application deadline: 10/12/2016. Applicants should apply before September 1 to be considered. Adobe will contact successful candidates through email to plan an interview. Applicants are also required to attend a brief training session on Adobe Connect.

BankMobile College Ambassador Program

America’s first no-fee mobile and online bank kicked off its college brand ambassador program in 2015 with 30 students. The program educates students and equips them with the tools they need to financially empower other students and their communities. Brand ambassadors promote financial literacy and raise awareness of the fun no-fee bank.

Student reps gain useful entrepreneurial, marketing, and sales skills. These crucial skills help them progress in their professional lives. The reps also learn more about the fintech landscape and their own financial situations. They are given personal profile pages on the BankMobile site they can show to future employers. They also get reference letters and LinkedIn recommendations.

BankMobile’s brand ambassadors are known as BankMobilists and their job is to get people on campus and beyond to learn about and use BankMobile. Incentives come in many forms. The reps get monetary and non-monetary rewards as per their accomplishments and progress in the program. The top college ambassador is offered a summer internship with BankMobile. He/she also goes on an all expenses paid trip to NYC to see the New York Stock Exchange with the executive team.

BankMobilists have 3 major duties:
• To popularize BankMobile on and off campus and get people to use it.
• Represent BankMobile around campus and tell people about the #LiveFreeBankFree Lifestyle.
• Optimize social media and other platforms to help BankMobile get more customers.

BankMobile accepts student rep application submissions on a rolling basis. If you are interested in knowing more about the program, visit the BankMobile brand ambassador application page.

Southern Tide College Ambassador Program

Southern Tide, a flourishing retail company, established its ambassador program in 2008. The goal of the program is to boost brand awareness through student participation in campus events. Currently, the program has 280 ambassadors in 163 schools who help market, promote, and sell the company’s apparel and merchandise.

The interests of the student reps range from student government, to science, to collegiate athletics. But they are all united by their love for the Southern Tide brand and lifestyle. They have a comprehensive understanding of the brand, its products, and its customers and represent the company through exciting events at their schools and in their communities.

To be an ambassador, you must be in your second semester of freshman year (or older). You have to be outgoing, must have a passion for quality clothing, and be a fan of Southern Tide. You must be able to make the most of spontaneous business opportunities and talk to retailers who meet Southern Tide’s requirements. Student reps are provided with a professional working environment. Students involved in Greek rush or pledging are not accepted in the program.

Brand ambassadors are expected to host many high-visibility events on campus every semester. After each event, they are to submit a summary comprising an event description and photos. The benefits of being an ambassador are many. You develop vital social and sales skills and gain experience in public relations and marketing.

To apply for an ambassadorial role, fill the Southern Tide form here. Applications are currently ongoing for the fall 2016 semester.

Poshmark College Ambassador Program

Poshmark – a free fashion app that lets users sell, buy, and trade clothes – is a great alternative to a conventional consignment store for those looking to sell gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories. Poshmark is known for its Posh Parties that occur at different times of the day. Members have a chance to sell items to audiences looking for certain things or brands at these themed parties.

Students who love Poshmark can join #PoshOnCampus and have the best fashion experience. #PoshOnCampus is an ambassador program that helps make the app popular and also gives students experience in marketing, public relations, and event planning.

Poshmark’s brand ambassadors get direct access to the community’s marketing team. The team guides and supports them to ensure they attain success on their campuses. The student reps are also featured on the app and their closets are seen by the many community members and shoppers.

Every Poshmark ambassador must spend 4-6 hours each week completing creative tasks on campus. The company does not offer monetary compensation but works with teachers to provide class credit. It also gives ambassadors job recommendations and a chance to join its unlimited referral program that can be profitable if successful.

If you’re a student and love poshing, joining #PoshOnCampus is a no-brainer. To apply, all you need to do is send a resume and a cover letter describing why you would be a great brand ambassador for spring semester 2017 to The closing date for applications is January 22nd, 2017.

Kiss My Southern Sass (KMSS) Sales Rep

Founded by a student at the University of Georgia, Kiss My Southern Sass is an online boutique that sells t-shirts, tank tops, and different accessories (such as cell phone cases and car decals). The company is based on the belief that “southern is a state of mind.” Student reps and customers are encouraged to embrace the southern spirit no matter where they come from.

Kiss My Southern Sass is represented on college campuses all over the country by sassy, classy ladies. The campus rep program helps students prepare for the professional world. It also gives them the opportunity to network with other students around the country.

As a sales rep for Kiss My Southern Sass, you promote the company through personal representation and social media. KMSS is loved by sororities and reps are encouraged to reach out to these groups for sales. They also work as liaisons between the company and customers, answering questions and solving problems.

If you want to learn valuable business skills, make great connections, and work for a lifestyle brand, this is a perfect opportunity. You will meet amazing, diverse women and form lifelong relationships. Applications are now closed and instructions will be posted on the site in spring 2016.

Vineyard Vines Whale Rep

Vineyard Vines has made a name for itself as an alternative to aging labels. Known for its nautical, casual style, its clothing is very preppy. The company sells high end clothing and accessories for men, women, and children. It has a number of retail stores across the United States.

Vineyard Vines’ college rep program is for students who want to live the good life. Campus whale reps are expected to think outside the box to promote the growing company. They should represent the brand on campus, on social media, and through creative events. They have the responsibility of making sure that the brand is well known on their campuses.

As a whale rep, you must host at least 1 event every semester on your campus and send a summary of the event to You are also required to create at least 2 social media posts that include the hashtag #EDSFTG, a seasonal hashtag, the Vineyard Vines brand, and your university. You must also represent and promote the brand around campus.

To get the ambassadorial post, you must be friendly, outgoing, and full of life. You must also have a passion for hard work and fun.

Apply for the college rep program by contacting the company via

Amazon Student Brand Ambassador

This brand ambassador program began in 2010. The company’s aim was to build a long-term relationship with college students. It also hoped to increase student membership and to boost brand awareness.

Student brand ambassadors must be undergraduates with good GPAs (3.0+). They must be willing to promote the brand for 4 hours every week (between 10am-3pm) for the whole academic school year. They must be motivated, enthusiastic, and well-connected in order to hold successful events on campus that popularize the Amazon brand. Campus reps are expected to host events with an impact. They must also be very conversant with social media and be able to work with different organizations.

Amazon gives first priority to students with sales and brand ambassador experience, those who have led campus organizations or teams, those experienced in event planning, and those with a good understanding of the membership program.

Amazon’s brand ambassadors are well compensated. They get a competitive base pay and bonus opportunities that help them cope with school life. They also hone their sales, marketing, and leadership skills and build their resumes.

If you love Amazon and would like to improve your marketing skills, don’t hesitate to apply for this program. Check whether your university is on Amazon’s university list and apply here.

Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador

Everyone has a friend they go to for beauty advice. Wet n Wild has made the task of getting beauty advice easy. The company has gathered makeup experts from all over the internet and given them the task of making beauty dreams a reality. Global ambassadors for the brand include Kat Graham and Brianne Howey.

Wet n Wild is all about being beautiful on a budget. The company understands that many college students are not able to afford high end makeup products because of limited budgets. This is why it sells affordable products. Almost all of its merchandise is less than $5. Sometimes, the company gives discounts and students are able to get lovely products at throwaway prices.

Beauty ambassadors for Wet n Wild must be very knowledgeable about beauty and fashion. They must spend some time each week promoting the company or carrying out brand-related tasks. In return, they gain invaluable experience on sales and marketing. They also develop crucial skills needed to climb the corporate ladder in the fashion industry.

As a Wet n Wild ambassador, you get to:

• Learn about the latest products and test them for free
• Share new products for free
• Host beauty events
• Share your thoughts on your blog.
• Network your videos

If you would like to become a Wet n Wild beauty ambassador, contact the company here.

Fraternity Collection Campus Representatives

Launched in 2011, this campus rep program has made Fraternity Collection one of the most popular brands on campuses. The company stands out for its very comfy clothing and philanthropy. It manufactures t-shirts with customized designs. Customers get to choose the color they want, the design of the pocket, and sleeve length. Fraternity Collection donates 10% to charity for every purchase. The best part is that customers choose the charities they wish to donate to.

Fraternity Collection recruits students who love its products and who want to gain experience in marketing, promotion, and brand building. Campus reps receive free company products and previews of the latest products before they are posted online. If you are in a fraternity or a sorority and love Fraternity Collection Stuff, join the ambassador program and learn many real-world experiences.

Your duties as a rep will include promoting and marketing the high quality products that are manufactured and sold by Fraternity Collection, managing social media pages, emailing other sororities and fraternities, distributing coupons and flyers, and responding to customer inquiries.

If you are outgoing and friendly, have an entrepreneurial spirit, and love showing off Fraternity Collection products, don’t hesitate to apply for a campus rep position. Simply fill out this form.

Southern Proper Belles and Beaus

Southern Proper’s college ambassador program gives students a chance to gain useful experience through tasks such as formulating social media content, promoting unique discount codes, hosting tailgates, and giving insights into the college market. Belles and Beaus (student reps) act as links between their universities and Southern Proper. They dress in a southern style, organize fraternity fashion shows, and host tailgates and events throughout the year.

Southern Proper was originally a manufacturer of men’s bowties and neckties. The company’s founders believed that wearing one of these two features was the best way for men to add a dash of color to their attires. Later on, the line expanded to incorporate belts, shorts, polos, hats, boxers, and oxfords. The company’s products are sold in more than 250 retail shops online and offline.

The marketing team at Southern Proper works hand in hand with college ambassadors to ensure they attain success. They are taught about the best ways to get the brand noticed. Student reps also have access to a Facebook support group where other reps discuss their experiences and share how they’ve attained success.

To join the program, you have to be a full-time student who is currently enrolled in a college or university. You must have a passion for the brand, be willing to learn, and be ready to represent the company in your college.

Fill this application form if you are interested in the program.

Adam Block Design (ADB) Ambassador of Awesome

Adam Block Design, a company that specializes in sorority clothing and Greek apparel, gives students an opportunity to earn money and gain valuable work experience through its ambassador program. If you are a member of a Greek organization or simply love ADB, this position is worth applying for.

ADB campus reps take their jobs seriously and work hard. They understand that their earnings are determined by their efforts. Adam Block Design pays campus coordinators a commission based on the orders they complete.

As an ambassador, you can make a lot of money working approximately 15 hours a week. You are required to reach out to sororities and fraternities to get clients, help clients to make orders, and work with the design team to ensure order details are perfect. The best thing about being a coordinator is that you get to meet new people and also enhance your business acumen.

Ambassadors must be college students who are outgoing and interested in sales and networking. They must be highly motivated and be able to work on their own. They should also be able to take instructions via digital formats.

If you are a go-getter, someone who creates their own opportunities for success, applying for this post is a no-brainer. Fill the application form and wait for the email that will change your life.

Monster College Ambassador Program

Monster, an energy drink manufactured by Hansen Natural Corp, is known for its energy-boosting properties. The company’s most popular drink is Monster regular but it sells many other flavors like ultra sunrise, ultra black, ultra red, ultra blue, and zero ultra.

Most students drink Monster to increase their energy levels when studying for long hours. The company’s ambassador program gives students a chance to make the beverage popular on their campuses.

College reps are required to market, sell, and deliver the company’s products and also introduce new products on their campuses. They must promote products and work with Monster staff to sell merchandise and carry out brand programs. They are also required to throw parties and are paid $100 for each party.


• You must be 18 years and above
• Have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record
• Be enrolled in college
• Able to carry out assigned tasks
• Motivated and able to work independently
• Conversant with technology and different communication tools
• Possess good written and verbal communication skills
• Proactive and attentive to customers
• Enjoy working and interacting with people

If you think you would be a great fit for this position, apply here.

Prezi Ambassador Program

While presentations are crucial, they are mostly boring and cause people to sleep. Prezi makes presentations fun! The presentation tool is a great alternative to conventional slide-making programs and is modern in every way. It provides a large canvas on which users can create different ideas. During presentations, they can zoom or shrink different areas of the canvas to highlight the ideas. Prezi’s ambassador program is unlike any other. Student representatives teach other students how to use the canvas to create spectacular presentations. They are able to make a lasting impact by sharing their stories with their audiences. They can also team up with other students on one canvas. Prezi ambassadors show other students how to tell their stories and to communicate in a dynamic manner that is easy to understand. Those addressing bigger audiences are taught advanced skills like optimizing text, images, and videos. They are also taught how to share their presentations on mobile devices and online. If you are a full-time college student looking to gain valuable startup experience, look no further than this ambassador program. You can visit the site from time to time to check for updates and apply.

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